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Install a DSL Line Filter

Step 1: Installing the DSL line filters

• Make sure you install the supplied line filters on all telephones, satellite receivers, answering machines and fax machines that are on the same phone number as your DSL service.

• If you notice excessive static on your line that wasn’t there before, you have probably forgotten to put a filter on the telephone jack of one or more telephones
• Telephones and other devices that are not filtered can also prevent your DSL service from working properly – if you have problems keeping line-synch it is usually due to one or more telephones without DSL line filters
• There shouldn’t be a DSL filter on the telephone cord that is connected to your DSL modem. This is the only phone line jack that shouldn’t be filtered.
• It is possible to put a splitter on any phone jack and use a filter on one line coming out of that splitter allowing you to plug a telephone and a DSL modem into the same telephone jack- see diagram below

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